Melissa Ghattas

Melissa Ghattas

Egyptian soul born in Australia to a British mother and Egyptian father, Melissa discovered Yoga in 2004 . She is a Lululemon ambassador and an experienced E-RYT 500 yoga teacher , very well known for her dynamic Vinyasa flow classes

1. Tell us who is Melissa with 5 adjectives

Truthful, Free spirited, Passionate, Independent, Aesthete

2. Which was your profession before being a Yoga Teacher?

I was a flight attendant for Emirates Airline. I joined EK way back in 2003 when Dubai was a very different place.

3. How did you start your yoga path, in which country/city and with whom?

I actually started my yoga practice here in Dubai, in 2005. Literally living an ungrounded lifestyle being a flight attendant, I was in need of a practice that would bring balance and health. I went to Gems of Yoga on Sheikh Zayed Rd, it was the only yoga studio around at that time that I knew of.

4. Which were the main challenges that you found when you started practicing yoga? And what kept you motivated to continue?

My main challenge in the beginning was that I was always travelling. Not all the cities we flew to had a yoga studio or simply being tired from time zone differences or jet lag made it difficult to have a consistent practice. In the end I would practice on my own in the hotel room. It was an incredible shift in my life, as I had never been disciplined in any other practice before.

5. Which tips would you give to anyone willing to start practicing Yoga?

Trial as many different styles and ‘experienced teachers’ as you can until you find the one that speaks to your heart. It’s also important to begin with foundation class’s first in any style of yoga.

6. Which have been the biggest changes in your life over the last 5 years?

Over the last few years I have begun to trust in myself more and let go of self-doubt. It has allowed me to pursue further dreams of running yoga retreats and workshops. Over this summer I invited my students with me to Mallorca in Spain, it was an incredibly grateful journey having that week with them.

7. What´s your other passion/s beyond yoga?

Yoga is my biggest love affair; it’s the only practice I’ve ever been committed to. I left Australia when I was 22 because I loved to travel. I guess my passions would be yoga and travel. The beauty of having a yoga practice is it can be taken with you anywhere.

8. If you had all the money to make it a reality, where, how and to whom would you like to teach a yoga class?

I would love to share yoga with women in jail.  I believe yoga to be reformative and healing. It’s a process but it’s a journey that enables one to see more clearly over time.

9. Tell us the funniest situation that happened in your yoga classes (either as a teacher or as a student!)

The funniest moment by far was when I taught my dad yoga. We did just simple breathing techniques and stretches as my dad has a big belly, and all of a sudden I heard a big sound;

I leave the rest to your imagination!

Melissa is an experienced E-RYT 500 yoga teacher known for her dynamic Vinyasa flow. Her philosophy is to share the gift of yoga from a place of authenticity & integrity. You can find her teaching at Zen Yoga in media city & at Lululemon community events. Know more about her here:

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