Laura Weston

Laura Weston

Laura is a Yoga & Pilates Teacher and also passionate about Arts and Dancing. She has been an International Yoga teacher since 2004,  when she spent three amazing years teaching in Nagoya, Japan. She finally moved to Dubai in 2007, where she is currently living and teaching. 

1. Tell us who is Laura with 5 adjectives

Creative, Sincere, Honest, Happy, Loving

2. Which were your passions as a child, and which of those do are still present?

Dance, Art, Dreaming – all are still present

3. Tell us how did you start your yoga path, in which country/city and with whom?

I started yoga with Karen Stillwell in Orlando, Florida, USA – in 1998. My dance teacher suggested that I try yoga to help with my flexibility, focus and overall well-being. So I tried it and loved it from the very beginning. Karen was and is an amazing teacher!! I thank her all the time in my heart!

4. How did you integrate Arts and Dancing into Yoga? Do you see any correlation between all those?

I feel art is such a form of meditation. You can really loose yourself in your creative zone. Dance as well!! You need to use your full mind and body and then pour your soul into the movement- which connects to your Spirit. Just like you do in Yoga.

5. Which tips would you give to anyone willing to start practicing Yoga?

Start with the appropriate level.  I recommend starting with the beginners level and then progress slowly. Take your time – there is no rush. You have your whole life to practice and will also respect and love your body during that practice time if you go slowly and mindfully. Also, find the right type of yoga practice that you enjoy and feels good. Finding the right teacher will also be important and will help guide you safely and steadily

6. If you had all the money to make it a reality, which dream yoga class would you like to create?

Yoga in one of the most beautiful settings in nature –  I love water – so probably somewhere with a lot of green trees and waterfalls and possibly a view of the ocean. That would be wonderful!!

7. Tell us the funniest situation that happened in your yoga classes (either as a teacher or as a student!)

I can’t think of a particular funny situation; however, it does make me smile and laugh inside when someone farts in yoga. Especially if they acknowledge it and also make it fun

Laura is a certified yoga teacher through the Yoga Alliance as an E-RYT 200 as well as a certified Pilates teacher through the Pilates Method Alliance. Find more about her here:

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