Peewee Sanchez

Peewee Sanchez

Peewee has been doing yoga for more than 20 years and her first contact with yoga was regular self practice from an Iyengar Book in her native Philippines, with cardboard sheets for a mat. She is behind the creative development of Yogafirst Training Programs and trains teachers in Yoga Alliance 200hr and 500hr certifications and Swing Yoga. She feels the best yoga anyone will ever be able to do is the one that is true to who you are.

1.  What´s your best strength as a person, that helps you to overcome the difficult moments in life?

I think my best strength as a person is my unending positive energy along with my ability to share that energy generously. I realized that it’s not our energy in the first place, so you could never really run out if you tap into the source of all love, healing, and life then you will have such an abundance to share to everyone you meet.

2. If you were not a yoga teacher, which would be your profession?

I would be a rich man’s housewife, teaching yoga for free to pass the time. When I was young I wanted to be Madonna – she does yoga right?

3. Who has been the person who has inspired you the most in Yoga?

In every step of my yoga journey there has always been gurus and inspiration that have taught me what was needed along the way. If you are talking about the most life changing impact on me as a yogi it would be my Himalayan Kriya Yoga Guru Dr. Pradeep Ullal, head of Kevala Founation. Seeing the richness and completion of Yoga Sadhana, and having the opportunity to witness the ancient traditions of Himalayan Kriya Yoga at close hand both in the Himalayas and in Urban scenarios is such an honor. To be able to share this knowledge with others is an even greater honor that I am forever in gratitude for.

4. If you could teach a series of yoga classes with no restrictions of place or money, where and to whom would you like to teach? 

I would like to live in a cave in the Himalayas and teach yoga to whoever passes by. But most of the time spent sending compassionate healing energy to the world and everyone in it thru my Sadhana. Naturally some people would be drawn to the place because of the good energy and they would be my students.

5. How do you think that Yoga and Meditation are going to change in the next 20 years?

The beautiful thing about yoga is it is constantly evolving. As the needs of mankind evolve so does yoga and I think that is what is so special about it. For example aerial yoga classes such as my Swing Yoga – a lot of people dismiss it as “not yoga” but let’s not forget that’s what they thought about Ashtanga Vinyasa when it first hit the scene in India – people were going “That’s not yoga” – look where it is now. I really feel that there is a shift on this planet as people are starting to take the blinders off their eyes to see what is real and important instead of superficial distractions. Yoga and meditation are important components of this change. Even in the 8 years that I have been in the UAE I have seen a massive change – an evolution if you like, in the yoga scene here. More and more people are also looking for something deeper. I think that yoga is flexible enough to meet whatever the needs of whoever is seeking something from it. We will see more variety definitely as new innovations come out.

6. Tell us a funny situation that happened in your yoga classes (either as a teacher or as a student!)

You know when you are young and you feel invincible you can stay up all night partying and not feel it the next day? When I first started teaching yoga, I had stayed up all night partying and stayed awake til my 9am yoga class. While teaching prasarita padotanasana I fell asleep while I was in the pose. I don’t know how long I kept everyone there but woke up and kept going with the class. After the class one of my regular students came up to me and said “Wow Peewee, that wide legged forward fold you put us in was so intense!”

Peewee Sanchez is a Yoga Alliance ERYT200 & ERYT500 certified teacher with more than 20 years practice. Teaches various types of yoga (Vinyasa, Iyengar, Kriya Yoga, Yoga Swing, Kids Yoga and Prenatal Yoga), and it´s the founder of Yogafirst, company offering Yoga teacher trainings, retreats and related events.

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