Jatta Tjurin

Jatta Tjurin

Jatta has been on the path of yoga since 2001 and 2008 she encountered the deep practice of the 8 limbs of Ashtanga yoga. The impact of the practice was so profound that she has become a full time practitioner travelling and connecting with senior teachers of Ashtanga method. She is a certified 500hr Yoga Alliance Ashtanga Vinyasa teacher and visits Rishikesh every year to refresh her knowledge and practice.

1. Tell us who is Jatta with 5 adjectives

Adventurous, inquisitive, energetic, sincere and ambitious.

2. Where were you this time of the year 10 years ago?

I was in Dubai already and I was going through a life altering transition and turning my life completely upside down. Up until that point my life was very sheltered and I was somehow always being looked after by other people and experiencing a certain comfort. This was a turning point to take responsibility of myself and my actions and at the same time leave the safety net behind that I was so used to and take a leap of faith to be all by myself. It was the beginning of a deep self inquiry and now in retrospect I realise that it had to happen in order for me to discover who Jatta really was.

3. How was your first Yoga class ever in your life? Where and with whom?

I was working in the City in London and someone from the office had arranged the teacher called Ulka to come the office to teach yoga. We practiced in a boardroom and the style she was teaching was sivananda although I had no idea about different yoga styles back then. I found it challenging and invigorating. There was also a shift within, a feeling that I would be practicing yoga a lot more than once per week and very little did I know then that I would become a yoga teacher. The year was 2001.

4. Coming from a cold northern European country, what do you think about the recent “Yoga on Ice” that is being offered in Sweden?

I have no opposition to yoga fads because ultimately they bring awareness to people who would not normally attend a traditional yoga class and give a yoga experience in a more modern context. What I would secretly hope is that the ice yoga triggered a spark in these people to try more traditional styles of yoga.

5. Who has been the most inspiring person in your Yoga path?

Sri K. Pattabi Jois because without him we would not be practicing the Ashtanga yoga method today. This man pioneered yoga at his time and brought something new to the yoga scene and it has gained so much popularity since then and it keeps igniting people into yoga for many years to come.

6. How do you think that Yoga and Meditation are going to change in the next 20 years?

For yoga I feel that there will be new styles invented all the time and they will come and go however the more traditional styles of yoga will keep growing because students feel the magic in these practices more than the modern ones and people are seeking that trigger to facilitate the process of self discovery. Meditation practices are being demystified and made more available to us. There are many online platforms from which we can learn from and also many yoga studios offer mediation classes and courses that were less available 10 years ago. In general I feel that people are waking up to the ‘awareness’ and actualising themselves to follow their passions rather than being a slave to a corporate. Due to the awakening process people seek yoga and meditation more and more because they feel inside that their birth right is being happy and blissful.

7. Which is the dreamt yoga class that you would like to teach? (even if it is a crazy idea!)

You are asking a traditional ashtanga girl and the answer is therefore a full led intermediate class of ashtanga in Sanskrit counting.

8. Tell us a funny situation that happened in your yoga classes (either as a teacher or as a student!)

Ah there are so many funny moments in every class and they are always hilarious at the time. There is one incident which exceeds the others and it made my eyes pop out of the socket. I am teaching the usual evening class and the students are coming in to the room. Among them is a tall gentleman who at glance appears to be wearing a tight white top and pants. On a closer look I notice that he is wearing tight white underwear and obviously nothing underneath. I am a very hands on teacher so I get close to the students when I am teaching however I seemed to have be avoiding him throughout the class. Few students mentioned him after the class saying that I should ask him whether he left his yoga pants at home by accident.

Originally from Finland, Jatta has been living overseas for the last 20 years in several countries including: Australia,  UK and UAE.  She teaches traditional Ashtanga method as taught by Sri K Pattabi Jois and his grandson Sharat Jois in Mysore India. You can find more info about her classes at:

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