Dina Ghandour

Dina Ghandour

Dina is a Jivamukti Yoga 300 Hour Certified Teacher and has been sharing her passion through teaching since June 2015. Prior to teaching, Dina quit her day job in financial PR to launch the UAE’s first yoga and fitness apparel boutique, yApparel, in March 2014, and one of the most popular online stores for everything fitness and fashion in the Middle East


1. How would you describe yourself in 3 adjectives?

I am a lover of life, people and animals. A creator of ideas, products and experiences. A student,  always learning, always curious

2. When did you start practicing yoga and what´s the story behind your business?

I came across yoga by accident through a VHS video I purchased on amazon when I was 15 years old. I didn’t know much about it, but the more I did it the more I was hooked. It wasn’t until 2014 that I started my business in Dubai, yApparel, because as my practice grew stronger and more frequent, I knew that if I needed access to great quality yoga wear here in the UAE, others would too. And the response so far has been outstanding.

3. Which is your uniqueness as a teacher?

I love my students, truly, to my core. And I think (I hope) that authenticity translates into a space where they feel safe and supported.

4. What do you think from the current yoga & meditation growth in the Middle East, and which evolution do you think we’ll see over the next years?

The Middle East is going through a wave of popularity for yoga particularly, mostly because how it is portrayed on Instagram and other social media platform – it’s currently ‘cool and hip.’ Meditation is less so, but I think people are starting to crave and search for more in life, and in the meaning of their lives, and so we will soon start to see a shift from looking at yoga only as physical only to much more spiritual and multi-dimensional.

5. What´s your favourite place to unplug from stress in the UAE?

Taking my dog on long walks outdoors around the lakes in The Greens

6. What do you wear when you are not practicing yoga/meditation?

Unfortunately, unless I’m in pyjamas, I’m in yoga clothes!

7. What do you usually do on Friday mornings?

Friday mornings are sacred for me, they are for quality time with loved ones, they are slow paced – coffee on the balcony, no plans, just being.

8. What´s your motto in life?

I have many, why choose one! But one of my favourites is “Trust the Process”

9. How do you see yourself at 70 years old?

Happy, looking back at great relationships made and great accomplishments.

10. Tell us a funny situation that happened in your yoga classes (either as a teacher or as a student!)

At one of the studios where I teach, I also have a rack of clothing there for yApparel. I was teaching and while I was about to adjust a student I noticed she was wearing a pair of leggings that I recognised. At first I said, oh cool, she’s purchased some of our leggings. But then I also noticed the tag was still on – and thought, well that’s odd! She didn’t stay for the whole class, leaving about an hour in, and as she left I saw her to go to the bathroom, change out of the leggings, and on her way out hang them back on the rack (all sweaty), and off she went! I literally burst out laughing in my class.

Dina teaches Jivamukti Yoga on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays at 136.1 Yoga Studio – Marina, and Sundays at Comptoir 102- Jumeirah. Check the links for more info about her classes and YApparel collections:

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