Adriana MeBarr

Adriana MeBarr

Adriana is a certified Power Yoga teacher based in Dubai , with more than 11 years experience. She is also a certified Mind Coach and a graduate of Organization Relationship System Coaching, currently teaching mindfulness and meditation

1. Tell us who is Adriana with 6 adjectives

Funny , compassionate, choc addict , fair , good listener , democratic

2. Which was your profession before being a Yoga Teacher and a Life Coach?

I was an executive for a multinational company in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil , hardcore corporate world , which I took quite a while to understand that there are always other ways of making money and feeling fulfilled, honouring my values and feeling like this is what I should be doing now. I believe that life is always guiding  us to what is best even when it feels like the exact opposite.

3. Where were you this time of the year 10 years ago?

I was already here in Dubai , starting a totally new life, new career and adapting after 3 years in Africa with a new born baby , and I was as fascinated with this culture as I am today, I can still sit  at Gerard coffee shop in Jumeira and just observe locals meeting and chatting and knowing how lucky I am to be here, living such a lovely simple life.

4. And where do you see yourself in 10 years time from now?

I am not this kind of person at all, planner or one to  set goals, I believe that I will be exactly where I need to be and I will be happy and healthy that’s all that matters

5. How was your first Yoga class ever in your life? Where and with whom?

I pushed my living room furniture and called 3 friends , I had my cheat sheet on the floor beside me and in 10 mins I noticed that I would never be a teacher that carries cheat sheets and planned classes, its true until today, even though I admire people like this. I’m 100 % in the moment with whatever  energy  the class and or  limitations brings. I never in my live repeated a class in 11 years, how would I remember any of that the next day ? Each yogi contributes to my inspiration with their abilities and limitations. I study a lot and love to watch videos of many teachers around the world so I can always  bring some freshness to the mat.

6. How can Yoga and Meditation support a Coaching program?

I see myself as someone that supports healing in general, my yoga sessions are very psychological as the cues really invite the students to look deeper beyond  the shape of the poses, then its up to each individual and how they feel that day to be able to listen or not.  I love the concept of using our yoga practise as  listening to  feedback from our physical and emotional states.

Everything is integrated, we practise yoga, on the mat to calm the mind enough to be able to sit for meditation, I say yoga “on the mat “as I believe that yoga is 80% off the mat, where we apply what we hear and study to our daily lives, a yogi for me is NOT the person that stands on their mats 6 x a week but one which applies the principles in their daily lives, mat work is the easy bit.

When I run my retreats around the world I always  make a point that coaching meditations and yoga are all interconnected as all of them open doors so that we can know ourselves better…

7. Which is the dreamt yoga class that you would like to teach? (even if it is a crazy idea!)

This dream class will happen actually very soon as I was invited by @thepark to teach people in Dubai that cant afford to pay but would so love to come, it is a beautiful project of inclusion, classes end up with 50 people ! Yoga should be for all after all!

8. Tell us the funniest situation that happened in your yoga classes (either as a teacher or as a student!)

I was  waiting to teach a class chatting outside with some students and a new student came in… clearly a first timer, he introduced himself,  we all welcomed him , and he sat chatting asking all sorts of questions about the teacher, which of course he didn’t know it was me, and I was answering.

So how many times a week do u do yoga ? he asks

Me,  4 times a week minimum , and I never ever miss a class  here, I really take it  as my work …

Girls are smiling at  the back

How is this teacher like ?

Well…I  hang out with her alllllll the time,  I guess she is nice, rough classes though…I find her a bit of a perfectionist for my taste…

The previous class ends we all go in , he puts his mat down still looking very puzzled …and hears me say: Welcome everybody specially you, smiling at him…and we all had a good laugh…

Adriana is currently teaching Power Yoga at The Surf House on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays as well as taking very small groups once a year on Yoga and Meditation retreats around the world. You can know more about her here:

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