Yoga & Ayurveda Detox Retreat At Plantation Villa, Sri Lanka (Nov 23rd – Nov 27th )


136.1 Dubai Marina and Plantation Villa are collaborating on their first retreat – 5 days Ayurveda and Yoga Detox retreat at their wonderful centre in Sri Lanka.This will be great opportunity for practitioners to experience the wonderful fusion and integration of classical Ayurveda and classical yogic practices.The 5 days Detox retreat is tailored to suit your individual […]

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Yoga and Meditation Retreat in Rishikesh (5th – 10th Oct )

136.1 Dubai Marina invites you to 5 days Yoga and Meditation retreat in Rishikesh , the yoga capital of spiritual India.This is in line with our vision for retreats at places with pilgrimage vibrations and rich spiritual pedigree.The Himalayas of Rishikesh will be perfect setting for some deep immersions and reflections, and to unplug for […]

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Why The Silent Treatment May Be a Bad Idea…..or Not!

The sounds of birds and falling tree leaves are all what I could hear in this cozy cottage in the middle of the farm gardens during the silent retreat I chose to do in the outskirts of Bangalore, India. After almost 2 years of being quite stressed out from various life events, including a tough divorce, I decided that this was the perfect time I needed to be by myself on a silent space where I would be able to switch off and cut all ties with the outside world for a full week. 7 days of not talking. 168 hours. 10080 minutes!

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