Nitai Krishna

Nitai Krishna

Nitai Krishna is an adventurous yogi from Ghana, as well as an artist, dancer and nature lover. In his classes he motivates his students to focus on the breath, proper alignment, challenge themselves, while remaining safe, playful and lighthearted

1. Tell us who is Nitai with 5 adjectives

Humble, kind, determined, focused and understanding

2. What are your other passions, apart from Yoga?

Singing Kirtans and doing art

3.Where and how do you charge your ‘batteries’ when your energy is down?

Spending time on the beach, my daily 2 hour of mantra meditation and yoga

4. Do you have place, worldwide or in the UAE, that you can call ‘paradise’ ?

The Bhakti yoga ashram in ISKCON Mayapur, West Bengal, India where I spent four years

5.Tell us how you started your yoga journey, in which country/city and with whom?

Though I grew up around yoga philosophy and theory, the psychical asana practice begun in 2012 in Pattaya, Thailand where I lived for 3 years. It came to me as a remedy for the back pains I was Experiencing due to studying 3D interior design for several hours on the computer. After I discovered yoga, I quit my studies and took up yoga full time

6. How would you encourage men who haven´t tried Yoga yet because they are afraid they cannot get the same flexibility as a woman?

I’m a direct example. Though I had a fairly good backbend, I had very tight hips and hamstrings but I didn’t let it discourage me. With practice, perseverance and patience, transformation will take on many levels

 7. How do you see yourself as yoga teacher in 5 years time?

I see myself as a more experienced, kind and more loving teacher. I see my personal practice soaring higher and deeper within

8. If anything was possible, to whom would you like to teach a yoga class?

The Royal Family of UAE

9. If you had all the money to make it a reality, which dream yoga class would you like to create, and where?

A yoga retreat in Switzerland and Germany

10. Tell us the funniest situation that happened in a yoga class (either as a teacher or as a student!)

Hearing students (especially men who are beginners) loudly moaning especially during deep flexibility classes always cracks everyone up.

Nitai Krishna is a 200 YTT Instructor, teaching regular classes of Ashtanga, Vinyasa and Hatha. You can follow his weekly classes at: Inspire Me Yoga, Urban Yoga, Yoga La Vie and Voyoga. You can follow him here:

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