Nathalie Daou

Nathalie Daou

Nathalie Daou is a Dubai based Yoga Teacher who has been drawn to yoga from a young age, accepting it for its many benefits beyond the physical aspect. She holds a E-RYT 200hrs course and has been practicing for more than 10 years.

1. Which personality traits do you have in common with your mother and which with your father?

Mom and I share the same love and appreciation towards music and art, I definitely get my artsy side from my Korean mom. And my determination and discipline comes from my dad, and possibly my sense of humor.

2. What could have been your profession, if you were not a yoga teacher?

A holistic health practitioner for sure, I am totally fascinated by it.

3. When have you been most satisfied in your life?

Probably when I manage to cook a tasty vegan meal, I admit cooking isn’t a natural talent of mine.

4. Who is your role model, if you have any?

I don’t really have a role model.

5. Could you describe how is it a normal day in your life?

My day starts at 4am, first I do my daily practice and meditation before I teacher a Mysore class. Then I usually have lunch at home to keep my 2 cats company, take care of some chores, emails and a little rest.

I always make time during the day for readings. Every other afternoon I teach a private and a group class, in between I like to practice drumming, a new hobby of mine. Or take a quick dip in the sea, one of the best things in Dubai. My days end at about 9pm with some good music.

6. Tell us how you started your yoga journey, in which country/city and with whom?

It was in fact my father who introduced me to yoga during my late teens, when I was suffering from back pain. From there it all happened very organically, I was almost instantly drawn to yoga.

 7. How do you see the Yoga and Meditation sector in 5 years time? Which main changes do you think we will experience?

Yoga is growing and it is becoming more accessible to everyone. However, it’s also very trendy nowadays and in my opinion, very fitness oriented. I do believe that with genuine attitude, devotion and dedicated effort we can keep the authenticity and meditative aspect in the yoga for the years to come.

8. If you had all the money to make it a reality, which dream yoga class would you like to create and lead, and why?

I have full faith in the healing aspect of this practice, and everyone should be able to benefit from it. I would love to introduce yoga and meditation classes in the form of an institute or a healing centre especially for those suffering from chronic pains. I truly believe that the practice can be modified and altered to fit each persons needs.

9. Tell us the funniest situation that happened in a yoga class (either as a teacher or as a student!)

Teaching little kids is probably the most challenging but also the funniest experience I’ve had. Nothing goes as planned, they constantly get distracted, move around and I end up spending my time running after them and doing crowd control.

Nathalie Daou is an Ashtanga Yoga Instructor, currently teaching at Zoga Dubai, where she holds Ashtanga led classes and morning Mysore style classes. Know more about her here:

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