How A Life Challenge Boosted My Yoga Practice

How A Life Challenge Boosted My Yoga Practice

“The beauty that you love be what you do” Rumi

I started practicing Yoga in September 2006, almost 11 years ago. It was love at first sight. Yoga kept me grounded. I remembered the feeling of floating in my first class, during Savasana. After we finish I just thought to myself “This is what I want, this is what I need, I really love this”.

Yoga raised self-awareness within me that until then was numb.

Three years ago a big economic crisis hit all over the world and Europe. Portugal, my country was one of the countries that has suffered a lot with the crisis. There was a very famous Middle East Airline recruiting in Portugal at the time. So I went to the Open Day, I have passed through all exams, and the final interview was just there.

Between the interview day and coming to Dubai, time went so fast. I remembered that I had to pack a 30 kg suitcase to take my 29 year old life to Dubai, and one of the “must go” items was my Yoga Mat.

When I arrived Dubai, my tears started rolling down my face. I was devastated. And then I thought, “Being sad is normal”. Sadness is a feeling that, like happiness, is a part of life. As long as it don’t take over our lives.

Next day, I started practicing Yoga in my room three times a week for one year. It was actually in Dubai, that I started practicing Yoga at home alone for the first time. I was also having some Yoga classes by Skype with my teacher at the time.

In 2016 I have finally decided to do my 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training. I searched for places and schools that offered this kind of training. My challenge was to get one month leave, while still working as a flight attendant. I have choosen a magical place, Ubud in Bali. Spending there one month was absolutely amazing.

After finishing my training my first thought was: How am I going to do both things: flying and teaching Yoga. I remembered reading an article stating that “only 20% of Yoga teacher can pay their bills working as Yoga teachers”.

So I have decided that in the beginning of my career as Yoga teacher, I would do both things: flying and teaching. The truth is that I still enjoy flying. Yes, it is challenging working non-standard schedules. Leaving home at midnight to catch a flight at 02am in the morning.Yes it is challenging to land at 06:00 am in the morning and still practice in that same day. But I always find the time. And it is always worthy the effort. I always take my mat with me everywhere I go. My mat is what keeps me grounded. My colleagues start asking for my classes. And everything has blossom since then.

When you love what you do, that will reflect on you and into others.

Some days are challenging, but one thing that I have learned is when you really love something, you manage to have the time to do it. Having a hobby that is your passion, and that becomes your part-time job is possible. Yes, I have to organize myself really well, yes there are some sacrifices in my personal life that I have to do, but in the end if you really love what you are doing, a river of joy and happiness will fill your heart, and will reflect in everything else in your life.

Finding what you really love in life, doing what you love, will bring you happiness and peace of mind. And this is also Yoga.

Namasté !

Anastacia´s Yoga path started 10 years ago in Porto, Portugal. She has completed her RYT 200h Spiritual Yoga Teacher Training in Bali, Hatha and Vinyasa style. Her life purpose is to live life fully and in a balanced way and to share her experience of Yoga with others.  She is currently a freelance teacher.

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