Confessions of a Yoga Teacher : a Journey to Balance

Confessions of a Yoga Teacher :  a Journey to Balance

My name is Camille I have been teaching Yoga in Kuwait for almost 2 years now. My Synergy  Partner Yoga certification took place in an old beautiful wooden cabin in the middle of nowhere Quebec Provence, Canada. I lived there with 10 other amazing beings, sharing our stories, ideas and space for 2 weeks.

I left the training eager to teach and also found there will always be more room to learn.

Moving forward I wanted teach yoga on a more permanent basis, so in February of 2015 I was told about a great job on the other side of the world. Throughout my personal yoga practice I am constantly reminded, in both poses and meditation, to let go and say ‘trust that the Universe has my back’.

Leaving behind people I loved, adjusting to an 8 hour time difference and the culture change, finally I began to settle in to my new job. It was a big transition for me teaching Yoga 1 on 1 not to mention living alone. Coming from a very big family where there is always someone around, Kuwait sea side became my companion. But surprisingly, being alone felt good, as I learnt to appreciate myself more. I started a ritual:  every Thursday evening I would get dressed up and sit at restaurant writing in my journal, reading more and even trying to learn some Arabic. I found balance in my new life.

Just as we were all getting ready for September to start, our company  closed down unexpectedly, leaving myself and others out of a job, and with only 1 week  of remaining visa in the country to figure out our next move.
What would I do?? What would I tell my family? Where would I stay? How would I get around? How could this all be happening in this short period of time? What were my options? Did I even have options?!

Immediately I called a studio that I was familiar with and they were kind enough to invite me for an interview/mock class.
But all of those questions popped again into my head as I had the owner of this amazing yoga studio closed to my feet , relaxed in child’s pose. Needless to say that this class/interview did not go as well as I hoped but what I did for sure realize was learning when to say “ I need some time to find my balance again”.

I needed to reset. I apologized to the owner and was honest about needing time to sort myself out. Stepping on to my mat has always given me clarity. Bringing my body and mind together to focus on postures, let go of everything and living in that moment is what helped me to figure out my next move.

I found a new place to live and gave myself a time limit to find a new gym/studio to work for.  I also found comfort in my old students, they looked out for me and became my Kuwait family checking in on my well being and even inviting me for family dinners.

Life was on the up again, until  September 15th 2016 at around 11:30 am:  I was driving on the sea side heading into Kuwait City with a friend of mine when my car was hit with such force from behind. My car flew into oncoming traffic and in order not to hit anyone I spun the wheel to hit a lamp post. We didn’t know what happened at first until we got out of the car and saw behind us that my car along with two other cars had been totalled. This accident left me with bruised ribs and a few other injuries that kept me off my mat for about a month. I took to meditation to help heal my mind and calm my soul.

After a person goes through so many ups and downs in such a short period of time it is easy to want to give up, but yoga inspired me. Meditation helped me to understand that these were just experiences I was going through and that my life is more than just these experiences.

With the grace and flow that Yoga has, and wanting to inspire others to see and feel the “Art of Yoga”,  I created a showcase for yogis of different levels to present a sequence of poses with music, poetry and other flow arts forms. Right after the first show I returned to Canada with no job but the love for Kuwait in my heart.  The show gave me a job to come back and new love for yoga.

Looking back on my journey after all is healed, I see moving and settling here was hard but I am getting used to hard. Yoga is what makes hard melt into easy.

The word Yoga in a simple definition means Union and when there is unity there is balance. It is the union of our body, mind and more, for people of all ages and abilities no exceptions. Being a Yogi to me also means embracing  all–the-self  ,  learning how to let go of the ego and taking what comes to you. Balance doesn’t usually come over one night but through many different experiences.

Wishing you peace, love, Namaste….and balance!

Camille Elizabeth-Ann Alexander
Kuwait based Yoga Teacher from Canada. Camille has holds Synergy Partner Yoga and Hatha Yoga certifications. Her life purpose is to share her love and yoga across the world.

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